Thursday, November 5, 2009

Humans hate fur

I think I know why Momma was so eager to shave my fur... she hates fur!

Momma hates fur so much that I've seen her do really painful things like plucking hairs out from places, or shaving her body... She even goes and shoots the hair off with lasers! I've seen Pops' movies and videogames, and I know what lasers are. They're pretty and brightly colored, but they're also painful and scary looking! They hurt people! I can't believe Momma would hate fur so much that she'd "Pew Pew!" herself, when really I'd just run into the corner and "hiew hiew" instead.

Is it really important to have silky and smooth skin? Even Pops shaves, but he does the hair on his face. All humans feel that way about fur (well, except for the Robson Twins, but that's because they used to be St. Bernards) But I'm a dog! I'm not supposed to be silky and smooth. I'm supposed to have silky soft fur, and that's something entirely different.

I've overheard Momma and Aunt Jol talking about how much they hate the idea of wearing fur and how they will never wear fur because it's nasty... but that's a human thing, right? Momma even likes this human girl from one of her favorite TV shows who was in some ad to stop people from growing fur.

Dogs are allowed to keep fur, right? Or should I feel ashamed that I grow fur? Is it wrong to have fur? I'm not hurting anybody by growing my fur, right? It's not my fault I'm born furry! I'm so confused!

What if someday they decide to shave my face and legs too, and I end up looking like a giant rat-pig? How am I supposed to fight the forces of Evil when I look like a giant rat-pig? Although the Beagle from down the road told me once about a naked mole rat fighting evil... What is a naked mole rat, anyway? It sounds kinda gross! Like a little rubbery squeaky thing or something... Maybe it's related to chihuahuas?

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  1. Having fur is very important. I don't understand why humans shave theirs!
    Kisses and hugs


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